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Be ready to wear!

Abby Maud works with designers for their distinctive style and unconventional design. Some pieces are veritable works of art. Organic cotton, chrome-free leather, a play of materials and textures that changes with the seasons. As plus sizes have their place in fashion, you'll find all the + size brands on the site.

Our designers are established around the world, in Sweden with Ewa I Walla, in the United States with Krista Larson of which we are currently the only distributor in Europe, but also in Germany with Rundholz, Privatsachen or Trippen, in Poland with Studio B3 and of course in France with Les Ours

We are located in the south of France. Your orders are sent free of charge by recorded delivery within France and the European Union.

For this autumn winter 2023, our designers offer you their fashion.
It's up to you to put it together.

the trippen brand at abby maud
rundholz black label at abby maud
Rundholz Black Label
the krista larson brand at abby maud
Krista Larson
the studio b3 brand at abby maud
Studio B3
the trippen brand at abby maud
Ewa i Walla
the rundholz brand at abby maud
the kes bears brand at abby maud
Les Ours
the privatsachen brand at abby maud

Krista Larson Designs Inc. is located in rural southern New Hampshire, along the River Exeter. With the river, trees and wildlife outside her window, the designer is inspired by nature and her surroundings on a daily basis. Birds, plants, leaves and animals all play a part in Krista's prints, names, patterns and colours.
Since 1995, all of Krista's garments have been handmade. Trims are unique and constantly evolving for each collection, and custom prints and jacquards are a brilliant addition to each season. The embroidery and handmade details are brought to life by skilled people.
Krista's clothes combine the past with the present, using vintage details, buttons, ribbons and lace. Characterised by the marks of time, discolouration and tarnishing give the pieces a vintage and purposefully worn look. The modern fabrics are custom woven and printed especially for Krista and her vision. Krista's line is truly unique and one of a kind.

Wavey Dress Black

Low Rouched Peanut Garden dress

Stormy Pants Peanut Garden

Low Rouched Moss dress

Privatsachen: My daily challenge is to design sophisticated, wearable garments of incomparable colour, with real quality and essential functionality, that women can wear for any occasion. A naturally avant-garde garment, inspired by the spirit of its makers and wearers for over 30 years.

Apfellig Kaviar dress

Werkzeug Eisenbahn shirt

Positour Ritter tunic

Romanticism at Ewa i Walla & Les Ours

In 2002, Ewa i Walla art design AB was founded by the designer of the same name. High-quality natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and organza with its characteristic crushed look are just some of the materials used in each collection. The garments are carefully detailed to enhance the design and give it just the right character.

Les Ours is a French brand based in the south of France. Romantic as can be, it allows for numerous superimpositions and combinations. Always in a bohemian spirit, the designer combines finesse, elegance and poetry. The silhouettes are always very feminine, in soft tones for a season full of tenderness.

For the romantic, the bohemian-chic, the avant-garde or the lover of beautiful shoes, Abby Maud offers a wide range of unusual clothes, shoes and accessories. Layering as the art of wearing. As the seasons go by, have fun putting together an outfit using clothes of varying thickness and then layering them to create an atypical look where the imagination ignores proportions. Break the rules! Be unique, be yourself.

To be irreplaceable, you have to be different. ( Coco Chanel)

Casual chic, avant-garde, elegance and extravagance

Black as the only constant... the credo of these 2 designers from Krakow for Studio B3 that blend casual elegance with avant-garde style. Black is the basis of the design, combined with sophisticated cuts and quality, flattering fabrics that reveal your personality. Casual yet elegant, black is the ultimate essence of style!

Shirt Cavanna Chalk

Isleen Black Vest

Shirt Cavanna Black

The label Mainline offers a design composed of magnificent overdyed fabrics and stunning prints. Eye-catching, fashion that combines sophistication and femininity. It's a brand of elegance where opposites seem to work in perfect harmony. The Mainline collection also stands out for its choice of fabrics, cutting techniques and details, which make each piece stand out from the rest. More classic colours enhanced by subtle details. A collection that's always highly original, season after season.

Dress 2231610925 Rust Medium Check

Coat 2231171205 Rust Cloud

Pull-Over 2231440703 Rust

As the youngest brand Rundholz Black Label.Since 2006, it has been the perfect entry into the world of Rundholz. It is ideal for new customers and fans alike, who will find a new piece to add to their wardrobe each season and create a new outfit. It also offers a wide range of avant-garde pieces, with sophisticated dresses, jackets, trousers and coats for unlimited wear. The Berlin-based Rundholz label offers creativity matched by the highest quality and an overflowing imagination.

Coat 2233431202 Comic Print

Waistcoat 2233881003 Black

Skirt 2233430303 Comic Print

With their unique soles, unconventional pattern technique and iconic silhouettes, the Trippen are designed to be timeless and always avant-garde. From the initial to the experimental, each model is made to last, transcending seasons and trends to grow with the wearer on their journey. 

Are you interested in one of our designer pieces and we don't have it in stock? Please contact us and we will do our best to help you in your search. If you need advice, we're here for you too.

Our boutique is for women who are looking for inspiration and want to break free from the dictates of fashion.

Aware of our customers' growing concerns about eco-responsibility, we choose our designers with care.

 Our brands are easy to wear, selected for their quality and originality to make you the unique woman you are. 

Petticoats, to trousers, a small Dress For a chic soiree or a bohemian romantic weekend, we offer a wide range of possibilities through our designers for unlimited inspiration.

"Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."

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