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Rush the codes

Rush the codes

Welcome to my world

You will meet fantastic designers with unconventional designs that depart from traditional fashion codes. I wear all these creations every day with enchantment: being different is a guarantee of originality. Clothes aside for the unique woman you are.
As the seasons go by I try to choose prints, materials and colours that you can combine with each other. Fashion is universal regardless of size, so you will find models up to XL.

From the French Les Oursbrand where romanticism and sweetness are mixed with Scandinavian Ewa i Wallabrands and Olars Ullabohemian spirit, to the sophisticated clothes from privatsachenand unique design from Creare, 2 German brands, I hope you will have a pleasant time strolling in my shop.

HoboLofinaand trippen, 3 shoe brands, 3 eco-responsible brands with the appearance of the new Végan leathers and the end of chrome tanning
. Shake up the codes, create a new look or simply add a piece to your wardrobe... I will be very happy to guide you in your choices and to share my passion for this fashion apart.

"The most beautiful color in the world is the one you like"

Autumn is in fashion. He's wearing his best clothes.

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